Complete an inquiry on the “Contact Us” page to become a New Patient. A New Patient Questionnaire will be emailed, and the office will contact you to schedule an appointment. The initial visit will last between 45min to 1hr at which time a comprehensive discussion of current symptoms, past medical history, current medications/supplements, and concerns will take place either at the office or via telemedicine.

Visit Costs and Recommended Frequency:

Initial Visit is $680 which includes saliva testing. (Visit $400, Saliva test $280) Saliva tests can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement however is rarely covered. Blood testing is also recommended and should be covered based on your insurance lab coverage.

Follow up visits are $225.00 and typically scheduled 4-6 weeks after initial visit to review labs and develop individualized treatment plan based on symptoms and results. You will then be seen every 3 months for the first year or until feel have stabilized at which time visits would be every 6 months. Frequency intervals can be adjusted based on individual needs as discussed with your provider.

Insurance Reimbursement

Although Holistic Hormones does not participate with any insurance programs, your office visits, prescriptions, blood/saliva testing may be covered by your insurance company. You may use your insurance card when completing bloodwork or obtaining prescriptions. During office visits we will provide you with an itemized invoice that will include diagnosis codes that may be submitted to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Some insurance carriers may consider visits as out-of-network coverage.

Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts are accepted.

Holistic Hormones has opted out of all Medicare and Tricare programs. Patients are not permitted to submit claims to any Medicare and/or Tricare Programs for reimbursement.

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