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Kelly Robinson DNP, CRNP is a Nurse Practitioner certified in Family Health. Kelly has been in the medical field for the past 20 years where she has advanced professionally obtaining multiple degrees which include Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and 2nd Master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

She became interested in Integrative/Holistic medicine over 10 years ago as she struggled throughout the years with many medical conditions only to be pushed aside or misheard by traditional medicine doctors. Founding Holistic Hormones is a passion for Kelly to be able to pay it forward and provide individualized care to treat the whole person and not just a symptom. “Working in Integrative Medicine is something I am passionate about. Our bodies are unique and require a holistic approach to achieve and maintain true health and wellbeing.”

In her spare time, Kelly can be found spending time with her Husband and Stepdaughter. She enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring nature that helps us become grounded and appreciate ourselves.


Visitor Reviews

  • I can’t tell anyone enough how much Dr. Robinson has helped me! If any of you are frustrated with being in “normal” range with tests from your doctor, but still dealing with issues, please give her a call. I think she is nothing short of an angel sent to help those of us who are barely hanging on. I feel like I’m finally living again instead of just existing. I’m literally a new woman thanks to Dr. Robinson. Jennifer R.
  • Life Changing!! I met Dr. Kelly Robinson at a personal event with mutual friends. She took time out of her personal vacation to speak to me in depth about my medical issues. When I met her, I was non- functional 40-year-old woman. I would need to go home in the middle of the afternoon and sleep every day. I have had several visits with a traditional Doctor and of course they found nothing “abnormal” in my blood work. All within traditional range. Kelly ran a bunch of different blood work and got to the root of my issues. Within 3 months I felt amazing, in fact I didn’t know how bad I felt. My quality of life has greatly increased! I will be a lifelong patient and friend! Kelly F.
  • So, some time ago I was feeling terrible both mentally and physically. Conventional medicine was filling me with drugs that where not good for me and if nothing else was making things worse. I decided to see Kelly and give the integrative medicine approach a try. It was truly a game changer. Best decision I ever made. I am actually in better control of my blood sugar and blood pressure. I have a better outlook on life all around feel like a new woman. I would highly recommend Kelly to improve your well-being. Cheryl F.

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